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Vin Diesel is a Hollywood Actor, read his biography, profile, personal information

Personal Profile: Vin Diesel

Occupation Actor, film producer, film director, screenwriter
Date of Birth July 18, 1967
Birth Place New York City, New York, United States
Height 1.82 m
Nationality American
Education HunterCollege
Father Diesel
Mother  Delora Sherleen
Spouse Paloma Jiménez
Children Hania Riley, Vincent Riley

Actor Vin also acts as a producer, director, and screenwriter. The film ‘Saving Private Ryan’ that was released in the year of 1998, introduced Vin to the cinema field as he has played an excellent role in that film.
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He became famous through his performance and as a role of a producer in The Chronicles of Riddick trilogy in years between 2001–2013 and in the film series of The Fast and the Furious since 2001.
The drama film ‘Strays’ was directed, written, and produced by Vin and he played a role of actor as well in this drama film to prove that he has multi-talented actor.
Vin has a deep voice, which has given him another strong recognition, and it helps him to receive more praise. He sated during a media interview that he got this notable voice at his age of fifteen when his childhood voice broke and he received a mature sounding voice.
Vin was performing in theatre programs and could not make much impression in Hollywood industry even though he was working very hard. However, his mother motivated him to produce his own films through a book that she presented to Vin. The short film called Multi-Facial, which was written by Vin based on his own experiences as an actor, and this was released in the year of 1995. It received massive welcome and received acceptance to enter into the Cannes Film Festival in 1995 and it received much appreciation and acclaim.
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As his producer role was expanding, he established three producing companies and studios named as One Race Films, Racetrack Records, and Tigon Studios to take forward his efforts further.  He is also the founder of the production companies

Filomography : Vin Diesel

1990 Nil Awakenings
1994 Nil Multi-Facial
1997 Nil Strays
1998 Online Film Critics Society Award for best cast Saving Private Ryan
1999 Nil The Iron Giant
2000 Nil Boiler Room
2000 Nil Pitch Black
2001 MTV Movie Award for Best Male performance The Fast and the Furious
2001 Nil Knockaround Guys
2002 Nil xXx
2003 Nil A Man Apart
2004 Spike Video Game Award for Best performance of human male The Chronicles of Riddick :Escape from ButcherBay
2004 Video Software Dealers Association Award        for male star of the year The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury
2005 Nil The Pacifier
2006 Nil Find Me Guilty
2006 Nil The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
2008 Nil Babylon A.D.
2009 Nil Los Bandoleros
2009 Nil Fast & Furious
2011 Nil Fast Five
2013 Nil Fast & Furious 6
2013 Nil Riddick

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