Bollywood’s most infamous MMS scandals 2014

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Just recently political hotshot Digvijay Singh had to admit his relationship with anchor Amrita Rai, as some private pictures of the couple were leaked online. Journalist Amrita Rai stated that her computer and emails were hacked and pics were leaked. Like this, Bollywood celebs lives are no more a hidden secret in industry. The advanced mobile technology has been one of the best modes to unearth their hidden sensual secrets and we know none of them must have dreamt of it to be revealed in public,
MMS scandals are not new to Bollywood and many stars have come under its shade, some incidentally while few intentionally for publicity.
Here’s a look at Bollywood celebs’ most infamous MMS scandals.

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Bollywood's%2Bmost%2Binfamous%2BMMS%2Bscandals003 Smartwikibd.Net

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