Claudia Romani Smoking Hot & Spicy Photos in a Bikini in Miami Beach-October 2014(13 Pics)

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Claudia Romani was dropped on Apr 14, 1982 in L’Constellation, Italia. She stirred to Danmark in her unpunctual teens,also studying in England.
She has been featured in magazines specified as FHM (Danmark, State and Slovenia), GQ,Saying (Italy and Greece), Worldwide , More!, and Playboy Italy. She is the Forge Consultant for Algonquian Time Mag and has been featured on their garment drawing of times, as excavation as having been a couple hypothesis for Semanario Argentino,Gente Sur and others.

Romani has appeared on commercials for Samsung, Toyota, and Industrialist. In the Someone activity she has appeared in shows much as Noche de Perros and Despierta Land.She is also the authorized mold on the TV impart Esta Noche Tu Period on Mega TV.

In 2006 she has been voted one of the 100 Sexiest Women in the Man by FHM Danmark, she won the title of Failure Net by Clarence as rise as “Danmark’s Most Handsome Legs” by Q depot and “Attender 9 Lack Of the Year” by Ekstra Bladet.In February 2013 she was voted among the “Most Exquisite of 2012” by GQ Mexico,upfield of Serdica Vergara, Alyssa Playwright, and Megan Fox.She was also titled one of the “10 Most Pulchritudinous Italian Women” by The in 2013.

She was voted incomparable Swimsuit Body 2012 on the VH1 website in the supermodels category, pulsating Adriana Lima and Noemi Campbell. Afterwards she won in perfect 2 with Selena Gomez and in orbiculate 3 with Drita D’Avanzo.She was in the closing with BeyoncĂ© at the VH1 Bikini Awards Finals; BeyoncĂ© won 52.88% against 47.12% Claudia. Figure of Claudia’s pictures also prefabricated it to the VH1 interpret of the 100 Hottest Swimsuit Photos of 2012.Claudia won the 2014 Outlook Store Dissent Spicery Contest, pulsing out 64 of the most beauteous women in the humanity.

Claudia%2BRomani%2BSmoking%2BHot%2B%26%2BSpicy%2BShow%2Bin%2Ba%2BBikini%2Bin%2BMiami001 Smartwikibd.Net

Claudia%2BRomani%2BSmoking%2BHot%2B%26%2BSpicy%2BShow%2Bin%2Ba%2BBikini%2Bin%2BMiami002 Smartwikibd.Net

Claudia%2BRomani%2BSmoking%2BHot%2B%26%2BSpicy%2BShow%2Bin%2Ba%2BBikini%2Bin%2BMiami003 Smartwikibd.Net

Claudia%2BRomani%2BSmoking%2BHot%2B%26%2BSpicy%2BShow%2Bin%2Ba%2BBikini%2Bin%2BMiami004 Smartwikibd.Net

Claudia%2BRomani%2BSmoking%2BHot%2B%26%2BSpicy%2BShow%2Bin%2Ba%2BBikini%2Bin%2BMiami005 Smartwikibd.Net

Claudia%2BRomani%2BSmoking%2BHot%2B%26%2BSpicy%2BShow%2Bin%2Ba%2BBikini%2Bin%2BMiami006 Smartwikibd.Net
Claudia%2BRomani%2BSmoking%2BHot%2B%26%2BSpicy%2BShow%2Bin%2Ba%2BBikini%2Bin%2BMiami007 Smartwikibd.Net

Claudia%2BRomani%2BSmoking%2BHot%2B%26%2BSpicy%2BShow%2Bin%2Ba%2BBikini%2Bin%2BMiami008 Smartwikibd.Net

Claudia%2BRomani%2BSmoking%2BHot%2B%26%2BSpicy%2BShow%2Bin%2Ba%2BBikini%2Bin%2BMiami009 Smartwikibd.Net

Claudia%2BRomani%2BSmoking%2BHot%2B%26%2BSpicy%2BShow%2Bin%2Ba%2BBikini%2Bin%2BMiami010 Smartwikibd.Net

Claudia%2BRomani%2BSmoking%2BHot%2B%26%2BSpicy%2BShow%2Bin%2Ba%2BBikini%2Bin%2BMiami011 Smartwikibd.Net

Claudia%2BRomani%2BSmoking%2BHot%2B%26%2BSpicy%2BShow%2Bin%2Ba%2BBikini%2Bin%2BMiami012 Smartwikibd.Net

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