Download Kaspersky Total Security Free License Giveaway 2023

Download Kaspersky Total Security Free License Giveaway 2023. Get a free license for Kaspersky Total Security 2023 for 3 months. Install comprehensive Kaspersky Anti-Virus to fully protect your Windows computer, online surfing and important data

Download Kaspersky Total Security Free License Giveaway 2023

Kaspersky Total Security provides all-in-one protection for your computer and important information with all the necessary components.

Among the main features of the solution: comprehensive antivirus, web protection, personal firewall, data backup, parental control.

Download Kaspersky Total Security Free License Giveaway 2023
Download Kaspersky Total Security Free License Giveaway 2023

Additional security tools (recovery disk, permanent deletion of data, deletion of traces of activity, etc.), data encryption and a password manager, as well as the Safe Money component, provide an additional level of protection for your computer and important information.

Download Effie Pro Free License Giveaway 2023(6 Months)

Kaspersky Plus provides a comprehensive set of features to protect your information, devices and online privacy. By choosing this antivirus solution from the new line of Kaspersky Standard, Plus and Premium antiviruses , you will get maximum protection and confidence in the safety of your data and online activity.

  • Real time protection . Kaspersky Plus provides continuous protection against common threats such as viruses, worms and Trojans, as well as advanced attacks including botnets and rogue antiviruses. This feature prevents your device from being infected and keeps your data secure.
  • Malware Protection . Kaspersky Plus Antivirus blocks various types of malware, including keyloggers, adware, spear phishing, rootkits, and man-in-the-middle attacks. This ensures that your information is protected from theft and intruders.
  • Anti-Hacking . The anti-hacking feature in Kaspersky Plus prevents unauthorized access to your home network by protecting against ransomware and network attacks. Thus, attackers will not be able to steal your valuable information or hack devices.
  • Identification of vulnerabilities . Kaspersky Plus automatically detects vulnerabilities in your system and applications, providing information about possible risks and how to eliminate them. This helps keep your device safe and keeps the software up to date.
  • Malware detection and removal . Kaspersky Plus Antivirus scans your device for malware, removes it, and restores your system in the event of an attack or infection. This helps keep your information and settings safe and sound.
  • Parental control . The parental control feature in Kaspersky Plus allows you to set restrictions on access to inappropriate websites and content for children. You can also set time limits for device usage, control app downloads, and monitor social media activity. This helps ensure the safety and well-being of your children online.
  • Privacy Protection . Kaspersky Plus offers a number of features to protect your privacy, such as blocking stalker apps and collecting data about you on the Internet. Third-party access to your webcam and microphone is also prevented, allowing you to surf the Internet with confidence in the safety of your personal information.
  • Password manager . The built-in password manager Kaspersky Plus allows you to store and manage all your passwords, as well as bank card data and copies of documents in a secure and encrypted vault. Automatic filling of forms allows you to simplify the process of authorization on sites and making purchases.
  • Performance optimization . Kaspersky Plus offers tools to optimize your device’s performance, allowing you to speed up your work and use resources more efficiently. As a result, your device will run at maximum performance.
  • Cleaning and diagnostics of the hard drive . Kaspersky Plus’ hard drive diagnostics, space management, and data loss prevention tools help you keep your device in top condition. Cleaning up disk space will improve performance and keep your system running smoothly.
  • Do not disturb mode . Kaspersky Plus offers Do Not Disturb mode, which allows you to focus on your current task by reducing the number of antivirus notifications and database updates. This is especially useful when watching movies, playing games, or using full-screen apps when you don’t want to be distracted by pop-up notifications.
  • Safe deletion of files . Kaspersky Plus provides the option to securely delete files to ensure that your sensitive information is not recovered after deletion. This feature destroys files beyond recovery, ensuring your privacy even after the data is deleted.
  • Data Leak Protection . Kaspersky Plus monitors data leaks and promptly notifies you of possible threats. This allows you to quickly take measures to protect your information and prevent cyber attacks related to the compromise of personal data.

Free license for Kaspersky Total Security 2023

You can activate the license on the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan

To get an extended trial version of Kaspersky Total Security 2022 for 3 months, you need to do the following:

1. Download a comprehensive antivirus and install on your computer:

Download Kaspersky Total Security 2023

System requirements

Supported OS : Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 32|64-bit

2. Activate the antivirus with the following activation code:


3. When you see the message Your activation code is valid for Kaspersky Plus. Use Kaspersky Plus? , click Yes .

4. The subscription will be activated for 3 months.

Offer terms

  • The offer is valid if you are installing Kaspersky Plus antivirus for Windows on your computer for the first time .
  • You can activate the license on the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
  • 3 months (93 days) trial available for one (1) Windows PC
  • The license validity period starts from the moment of its receipt – installation of the product.
  • You get free updates for the duration of the license.
  • The license is for home (personal) use only.
  • No free technical support.

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