Download SecuPerts Anti-Spy Free License Giveaway 2024

Download SecuPerts Anti-Spy Free License Giveaway 2024. Get a free license of SecuPerts Anti-Spy for Windows 10. Anti-spyware for Windows 10 allows you to disable over 80 unwanted features in the Windows operating system, browsers and media player

Download SecuPerts Anti-Spy Free License Giveaway 2024

SecuPerts Anti-Spy for Windows 10 allows you to deactivate over 80 pre-installed tracking and telemetry features in Windows with one click. With Anti-Spy, you can also generate a complete list of unwanted and somewhat questionable Windows 10 features and decide on an individual basis which ones to disable.

Download SecuPerts Anti-Spy Free License Giveaway 2024
Download SecuPerts Anti-Spy Free License Giveaway 2024

Regardless of where Microsoft hides these settings, Antispyware for Windows 10 gives you the ability to decide for yourself which of your data can end up on Microsoft’s servers in Redmond and which data is out of corporate scope. Thus, SecuPerts Anti-Spy for Windows 10 provides more privacy for the Windows user.

How SecuPerts Anti-Spy works

Sorted according to categories, more than 80 annoying and, to some extent, very presumptuous spy settings are clearly listed in Windows 10, the Edge and Explorer browsers, in Windows Media Player and network services.

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Do you like personalized advertising or appreciate Cortana’s help?

If you do, you can also check all the settings individually and deactivate only the ones that are bothering you. *

Do you believe that your activities and data are none of Microsoft’s business?

With just a single click you can put a stop to the spying.

* With a view to helping you when making individual decisions about separate settings, an easy-to-understand guide comes with the software to explain to you what all the spy presets are. Using this guide and the list in the Anti-Spy, you will have configured your system the way you want it in next to no time.

Free license SecuPerts Anti-Spy for Windows 10

To obtain a free SecuPerts Anti-Spy license, follow these steps:

1. Get a license on the promotion page (or here ).

Enter your email address, check the boxes (note that this is how you subscribe to the newsletter) and click the Request serial number button .

2. Verify your email address by clicking on the link in the received email. In the next message you will receive your unique license key.

3. Download and install the program from the link below:

Download SecuPerts Anti-Spy

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 10
  • German and English interface

4. Activate the full version with the received license key.


To switch the program to the English interface, select the menu Profile > Sparche > English :

Offer terms

  • SecuPerts Anti-Spy lifetime license for home (non-commercial) use only.
  • Free upgrades to newer versions are not available.
  • Free technical support is not available.
  • You can reinstall the program at any time by downloading the distribution kit from this page.

What Is Software?

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What Is Software Giveaway?

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What is SecuPerts Anti-Spy?

SecuPerts Anti-Spy allows us to deactivate over 80 default prying functions – or you can list them clearly in Anti-Spy and decide for yourself. Just one click puts an end to the spying settings in Windows, browsers Edge and Explorer, Windows Media Player, and Network Services.

Which System Support SecuPerts Anti-Spy?

SecuPerts Anti-Spy Supported OS is : Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP 32|64-bit.

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