Download WonderFox Document Manager Free License Giveaway 2022

Download WonderFox Document Manager Free License Giveaway 2022. Get lifetime free license of WonderFox Document Manager for windows pc. It is a document management program which can manage your daily office documents conveniently. You can list, manage and backup documents with a few clicks instead of searching and backuping them one by one. 

Download WonderFox Document Manager Free License Giveaway 2022

The Wonderfox Document Manager is a software that has many features. Some most important features is the ability to manage document files, index file from disk drive, encrypt/lock/hide documents, and search for specific documents.

Download WonderFox Document Manager Free License Giveaway 2022
Download WonderFox Document Manager Free License Giveaway 2022

This software also allows you to customize directory structure which can be very useful when saving your data on different drives or external hard drives.

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Key Features of WonderFox Document Manager

  • Manage Documents: This is a great feature for people who have tons of documents on their computer and need help organizing them. The document manager will organize your files by type (e.g., Word, Excel) and then by date modified or created.
  • Index Files from Disk Drive If you’re like me, you’ve got hundreds of files that are scattered across your hard drive in various places. It’s really easy to find what you’re looking for when they’re indexed with the search function.
  • Encrypt/Lock/Hide File: For those who want to keep their personal information safe from prying eyes, this is an excellent option–you can encrypt any file so only authorized persons may open it.
  • Much Easier to manage Documents
  • Index Document Files from Disk Drive
  • Customize Directory Structure
  • One-click Backup Documents
  • Encrypt/Lock/Hide File to Prevent Privacy
  • Accurate Search Documents
  • Support MS Word/Excel/PPT and PDF

The best part about Wonderfox Document Manager is that it’s easy to use. With just a few clicks you can quickly organize your files into different folders and sub-folders all while being able to search for them later on if needed!

Supported OS: Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7

WonderFox Document Manager License Giveaway 2022

Get the license key for WonderFox Document Manager free now, you can manage, backup, and encrypt document files in one Windows.

Step 1. Download the install the software from the homepage –

Click here or Click to Download

Step 2. Install or open the program and access the Registration windows. Use the below license key:

License Key: VC-DMMB-6B0DA00788-BE914FF814-37B975F8B7

License Key: VC-DMMB-6094400788-47EC3DFF7E-AF2C33D45E

License Key: VC-DMMB-78A5E00787-E272CFFFD4-10C364FB67

License Key: VC-DMMB-7153100787-F1BC20FF59-AF15BEFFBA

License Key: VC-DMMB-6EE1500787-8D8ED7FFD3-11B690F675

License Key: VC-DMMB-6C71500787-552B94E591-A49BFEECD6

License Key: VC-DMMB-89DFC00786-B26C09FBF8-1FE46FFF14

License Key: VC-DMMB-84FDE00786-CAB235F86B-3F02FEDC16

Step 3. Got it!


  • This is the lifetime license
  • Non-commercial usage
  • No free updates and tech support.
  • For Limited Time Offer

What Is Software?

Software is any instruction or set of instructions that informs hardware what to do. The term software is commonly used to refer to application software, although there are many different types of software that serve a variety of purposes.

What Is Software Giveaway?

When Software Company offer software free license key (Legal and Copyright) for certain time period. Instead of spending a lot of money to buy the necessary software, you can get them for free during giveaway time.

What is WonderFox Document Manager?

WonderFox Document Manager is a versatile and easy-to-use documents management program. It can help you manage and back up your documents with few clicks, instead of searching and backing them up one by one. And you can also encrypt or protect your private information by various modes. It will make you more productive and efficient.

Which System Support WonderFox Document Manager?

WonderFox Document Manager Supported OS is : Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / 32|64-bit.

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