Hot Lyra Virna Bikini Model Show Collection 2014-2015

Hot+Lyra+Virna+Bikini+Model+Show+Collection+2014 2015001

Lyra Virna (born in Palembang, South Sumatra, March 14, 1981, age 31 years) is a woman who worked as a model and actress and host Indonesia. Paradise and the couple’s daughter Maria Anawati Hamidy usually called Lyra and plays the body of 162 cm was also once a student and as an aspiring urban design engineer. Who had starred in soap operas such as Jin & Jun 2, Lured, Habibi and Habibah, Goddess of Wind-Wind, Sephia, Bachelors, In Thee O Robbi, Goddess of Love, Butterfly Night, Hate Hate Love, Where is Melanie?, Cinta Fitri Season 6, and 2 Goddess.

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Hot+Lyra+Virna+Bikini+Model+Show+Collection+2014 2015003

Hot+Lyra+Virna+Bikini+Model+Show+Collection+2014 2015004

Hot+Lyra+Virna+Bikini+Model+Show+Collection+2014 2015005

Hot+Lyra+Virna+Bikini+Model+Show+Collection+2014 2015006

Hot+Lyra+Virna+Bikini+Model+Show+Collection+2014 2015007

Hot+Lyra+Virna+Bikini+Model+Show+Collection+2014 2015008

Hot+Lyra+Virna+Bikini+Model+Show+Collection+2014 2015009

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