Hot & Sexy BD Girl RJ Angel Nisha of Radio Swadesh Dhaka

 Full Name: Mahmuda Akter Nisha

Nick Name: Nisha

Father’s Name : Md. Mosharouf Hossain

Mother’s Name : Morsheda Akter Moon

My Show: Adda Rockzz, Sunday to Thursday & weekend special Nisha Live, Saturday

Sex: Female

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Personality Type: Funny,sometimes unpredictable

Rj-ing style: Fast, Creative & Powerful, Everyday I am trying to do better

Fashion: What I do, Trendy & Stylish, update with time

Passion: Music, Dance , Story Book, Acting

I love: myself, friends & Family, Smiley face of peopole

I hate: Scandal, Back Biting, Lier, Religious Fanatics, Fake & narrow minded people

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