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Name: Tasbiha Binte Shahid Mila
Born: 26th March, 1979
Born place: Chittagong
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Pop Music
Favorite Clothes: T-shirt & Jeans

In the year of 2006 we the Bangladeshis found a female pop star sensation named Mila. She creates a new trend in Bangladeshi music world. Young people get something new in her style. Actually she brings glamour based music video in our country.
Mila said that she learnt singing from her mother. Her mother was a singer who loved Nazrul Geeti. She was born in Chittagong but she bought up in Dhaka city. She has the passion of singing from her childhood.

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Mila came to music industry at 2006. Her first album was “Fele Asha” (2006). The songs of this album are featured by Balam. This album was semi-hit and she got some popularity by this album. But, the she got the major popularity by her second album Chapter 2 (2007). It was a mega hit album. Songs like Bapuram Shapure, Jatrabala, Shukno Patar Nupur of this album are gotten huge popularity and Mila became a pop star! This album was featured by Fuad.


Mila’s third album was Re-defined (2009). This album was also a hit album. “Disco Bandor”, song of this album is mostly known to the listeners.
Mila is a professional stage performer. She contributes in many concerts all over the world especially Bangladesh and people also want him on the stage.


Mila isn’t married yet and she didn’t make any plan of marrying till now.


Fele Asha (2006)

  • Nirjon Raat
  • Chera Paal
  • Mela
  • Fele Asha
  • Pora Bashi
  • Raag
  • Bhul Kore
  • Frndz
  • Tumi Jano Na
  • 69
  • Helpless

Chapter 2 (2007)

    milar Smartwikibd.Net

  • Baburam Shapure
  • Magher Dal
  • Jatrabala
  • Shukno Patar Nupur
  • Srabon
  • Chander Buri
  • Chupi Chupi
  • Obhiman
  • Shukno Patar Nupur
  • Shukno Pata (Remix)

Re-defined (2009)

  • Dola
  • Bristi Nacha Tale Tale
  • Disco Bandor
  • Nirobe
  • Nisa Lagilo Re
  • Tumi Ki Sara Dibe?
  • Bishas
  • Khola Akash
  • Chadar Buri
  • Paper Pujari
  • Shopno
  • CTG fun (intro to Jaadu)
  • Jadu
  • Dola (Jaatrabari Mix)
  • Bishasghatok Mir Jafor

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