Most Hottest Nepali Actress Pooja Lama’s Top Sexiest Expo Photos 2014-2015

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Nepal’s famous actress, model and singer “Pooja Lama” has embraced Islam five months ago at the age of 28 leaving the Buddhist society astonished. Pooja Lama, who was brought up  in a Buddhist family, embraced Islam in Kathmandu after returning from Dubai-Qatar’s brief trip. In an interview Pooja Lama, who has now been named “Aamna Farooqi” after converting to Islam said, “Islam is the world’s sole religion of humanity based solution that offers all the problems. Islam’s beauty show me the right way, otherwise I would have kept wandering in the darkness, I want to tell the world that Islam is a religion of peace only.”
Pooja Lama now named Aamna Farooqi has also urged not to call her by her previous name ‘Pooja’ saying that it was her past. In the present and future she would be known by her new and decisive identity “Aamna Farooqi”, she added.

Most+Hottest+Nepali+Actress+Pooja+Lama's+Top+Sexiest+Expo+Photos+2014 2015001

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