Preview Of Zayed and Zakia Bari Momo’s First Time Upcoming Bangla Movie Prem Korbo Tomar Sathe (2014)

Zayed%2Band%2BMomo's%2BLatest%2BHot%2BPhotos%2BCollection%2BFrom%2BBangla%2BMovie%2BPrem%2BKorbo%2BTomar%2BSathe%2B(2014)%2B005 Smartwikibd.Net

This Eid will bring a lot of movies to the Bangladeshi Movie fans. Apart from the Shakib Khan movies, Arefin Shuvo movies will also draw attention. But, some movies will be released just after the Eid. “Prem Korbo Tomar Sathe” is one of those movies. The music album of this movie is coming to market in October 1, 2024.

This movie is directed by Rokibul Alam Rokib. Zayed Khan and Zakia Bari Momo appear in the movie in some romantic scenes. Besides, Anisur Rahman Milon will act in a special role here.

There are 6 songs in this movie. These are playbacked by Kumar Biswajit, Monir Khan, Rupom, Arefin Rumi, Rajib, Kishor, Noumi, Tina and Moon. The songs are written by Kobir Bokul, Ahmed Emtiaz Bulbul and many others. Music directors are Ahmed Emtiaz Bulbul, Showkat Ali Emon, Arefin Rumi and Tanvit Tarek.

Momo is coming back after a long 6 years in movies. This is her first commercial movie. She acted in Daruchini Dip by Humayun Ahmed earlier. So, She is one of the fresh faces in Dhallywood.

Zayed Khan is one of the dashing, young, energetic heroes of Dhallywood. He is dedicated to his works and will surely become succeed in this movie.

Here are some photos from this movie Prem Korbo Tomar Sathe:

Zayed%2Band%2BMomo's%2BLatest%2BHot%2BPhotos%2BCollection%2BFrom%2BBangla%2BMovie%2BPrem%2BKorbo%2BTomar%2BSathe%2B(2014)%2B001 Smartwikibd.Net

Zayed%2Band%2BMomo's%2BLatest%2BHot%2BPhotos%2BCollection%2BFrom%2BBangla%2BMovie%2BPrem%2BKorbo%2BTomar%2BSathe%2B(2014)%2B003 Smartwikibd.Net

Zayed%2Band%2BMomo's%2BLatest%2BHot%2BPhotos%2BCollection%2BFrom%2BBangla%2BMovie%2BPrem%2BKorbo%2BTomar%2BSathe%2B(2014)%2B006 Smartwikibd.Net

Zayed%2Band%2BMomo's%2BLatest%2BHot%2BPhotos%2BCollection%2BFrom%2BBangla%2BMovie%2BPrem%2BKorbo%2BTomar%2BSathe%2B(2014)%2B014 Smartwikibd.Net

Zayed%2Band%2BMomo's%2BLatest%2BHot%2BPhotos%2BCollection%2BFrom%2BBangla%2BMovie%2BPrem%2BKorbo%2BTomar%2BSathe%2B(2014)%2B017 Smartwikibd.Net

Zayed%2Band%2BMomo's%2BLatest%2BHot%2BPhotos%2BCollection%2BFrom%2BBangla%2BMovie%2BPrem%2BKorbo%2BTomar%2BSathe%2B(2014)%2B018 Smartwikibd.Net

Zayed%2Band%2BMomo's%2BLatest%2BHot%2BPhotos%2BCollection%2BFrom%2BBangla%2BMovie%2BPrem%2BKorbo%2BTomar%2BSathe%2B(2014)%2B022 Smartwikibd.Net

Zayed%2Band%2BMomo's%2BLatest%2BHot%2BPhotos%2BCollection%2BFrom%2BBangla%2BMovie%2BPrem%2BKorbo%2BTomar%2BSathe%2B(2014)%2B023 Smartwikibd.Net

Zayed%2Band%2BMomo's%2BLatest%2BHot%2BPhotos%2BCollection%2BFrom%2BBangla%2BMovie%2BPrem%2BKorbo%2BTomar%2BSathe%2B(2014)%2B024 Smartwikibd.Net

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