Symon and Bobby’s “Action Jasmine” Bangla Movie 2024 Review With Hot Photos

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 Iftakar Chowdhury is making an action movie. This movie is named as Action Jasmine. Symon Sadik will play the role of the hero of this movie. But, the main character in this movie will be Eamin Haque Bobby, as Jasmine.
The film Action Jasmine is a remake of the Bollywood film “Rowdy Rathore“. This is confirmed by the director Iftakar Chowdhury on his Facebook Page. It will be interesting to see the change in the story as well as the action of a woman in a Bangladeshi movie.

Information about Action Jasmine:
Movie Name: Action Jasmine
Release Date: Not fixed yet.
Cast: Eamin Haque Bobby, Symon Sadik, Misha Showdagor, Kabila and many more.
Producer: Saidur Rahman Manik, Sharif Uddin Dipu
Director: Iftakar Chowdhury

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